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Death Note on Big Screen


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I am a really fan of manga when I was still single. Every time I visit my cousin’s place, I always go directly to his storage case full of it and would read until my eyes hurt. One of my greatest fantasies before was having my favorite manga come to life. I just thought it would be exciting.

Now, being married and all, I lost track of the latest popular ones but have read many reviews and came across some over the internet. The DeathNote, which is one of those bestselling manga I have come across with, is hitting the big screen! It is about a student who found a Death Note – a notebook with lists of human names on it. Those whose name will be listed will die. So the student vowed to used it for the divine good. When bad people start dying, a detective followed the trail of these unfortunate events. Both, knowing that they are fighting for good, find themselves proving to each other which of them two are on the evil or good side.It will be shown in selected movies theaters in the US for only two nights on May 20 and 21! Talk about exclusive viewing! Tickets can be bought at fathomevents.com just by entering your state’s zip code. The movie is unrated and English dubbed.



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Hideout Getaway May 19, 2008 - 11:23 am

Hi there, would you like to exchange links in all of your blogs?


aeirin May 19, 2008 - 2:41 pm

Oh I thought Death Note will be shown In the Philippines… How sad… I love this movie alot!!! hehehe. I recommend this movie (both part 1 and 2)


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