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Decorating Your Bedroom on a Budget

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Your home is the centre of your family, and after a hard day at work or with the kids, your bedroom should be a peaceful and relaxing sanctuary to prepare your for the next day ahead. If your bedroom is due a drastic makeover, but your budget is tight, we’re taking a look at quick and effective ways to revamp your bedroom without dipping in to your savings!

Here are our top tips for making quick and cost efficient changes in your bedroom, that will make a world of difference;

Quick lick of paint
updating your walls with a lick of paint is sure to bring a new light to the room. Go for lighter, neutral, calming colours in the bedroom to help you relax such as creams, blues and pastels. Neutral colours also go nicely with an array of bold colours, allowing you to update your room with new bedding, curtains and accessories – rather than having to re-paint your room every so often.  

Statement wall paper
Statement wallpaper is a great way to give your room a bold update, while only spending a fraction of the cost. Many DIY and home wear stores now stock an array of bright, bold statement wallpaper sure to brighten up your bedroom – we love this floral red wallpaper from B&Q online, which would look great against a simple magnolia painted room.

Splash of colour
Add a splash of colour to your room with new accessories – an inexpensive trick used for many years by interior designers. Use scatter cushions, photo frames, curtains and bedding to add a pop of continuous colour in to the room.

New bed and bedding
your bed is the key focal point in your room, and plays a big part in not only the look and feel of the room, but also a great night’s sleep. Home wear store TJ Hughes has a great range of cheap Divan beds, mattresses and complete bedding sets, conveniently named “Bed in a bag”. The all in one bedding sets start from only £9.99 and includes duvet covers, pillow cases and bed runners.

Let there be light!
Simply by letting more light in to your bedroom, you will instantly feel a change in the room’s dynamics. Change your curtains, remove blinds and purchase a simple bedside lamp to change the ambiance of the room.

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