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Decoration Tips for Your New Home

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Moving into a new home is an exciting event that offers us the chance to create a living space that reflects our personality. Some people are born with a creative flair, but the blank canvas of a new space can be a challenge for others.

So, here are some tips on how to attack the task of decorating.

Form and Function

One of these two important concepts of interior design can be lost when amateurs attempt to decorate a space. The idea is that everything in your home should be attractive yet functional. We’ve probably all seen examples of when this goes wrong. Some furniture may look ultra-modern and stylish but if it’s not comfy then what’s the point?
When planning any design, keep the two factors in mind and always ask the questions, “Is it practical and is it pleasing to the eye?”. If the answer is yes to both, then you’re doing something right.

Choose a Scheme and Plan it Out

You don’t have to ‘theme’ your new home but having a clear idea of your style is essential. Decide on a palette of colors you can live with and make a clear plan before you start any redecorating.
It helps to buy some tester pots of paints and get some swatches of material and wallpaper. Sometimes trial and error is the only way forward and it helps to put a few samples up on a neutral wall to see how they work before committing to a scheme.

It’s far better to live with a work in progress for a short time than it is to discover that your new green walls make you feel nauseous after a few weeks!

Instant Transformation with Bold Prints

Modern homes can be boxy and boring and are often decorated in muted neutral colors. You can make an instant impact on your new home by introducing some feature colors.
Adding a bold wallpaper to a single feature wall can transform the feel of a room and add focus to an otherwise featureless space.

Adding soft furnishings in complementary tones can draw the whole design together.

Don’t Forget the Kitchen

In most families, no space is used more than the kitchen and that heart of the home shouldn’t escape your attention.
You can give bland and tired kitchens an instant makeover by painting cupboard doors and add new handles.

Display some stylish copper pans like those available from the As Seen on TV Store, and install some retro lighting or position vintage accessories to transform the space.

Upcycle and Makeover

A new home isn’t cheap, and whether you are renting or have just become a homeowner, it may not be the time to spend lavishly on new furniture. As a result, you have limited options when it comes to getting a new look on a budget. Thrift is the new trend and it is easier than you think to upcycle and makeover your existing furniture to give it a new lease on life.

Sofas and armchairs are easy enough to cover with cheap throws and stylish cushions. Not only will that make your seating more comfortable but you can tie the colors into your theme. Go for bold geometric patterns in a simple spectrum for a retro but modern touch. Or, you can add warmth with sumptuous reds and deep oranges to evoke some Moorish charm.

Tired old furniture can get a fresh new look with some TLC and a little creativity. Of course, some DIY skills might be needed for repairs.

Most wooden furniture lends itself to a good upcycle project and there are lots of ways to achieve shabby chic or European elegance.

Let There be Light

There is no quicker way to add a new look and create an atmosphere in the home than with good lighting. Traditionally, lighting has been a simplistic affair with a basic pendant fitting in the center of a room. Though you can add shades or update the fitting and bulb, they generally create a stark light that creates shadows at the edges of the room. Though practical, they aren’t that pretty.

If we are looking at both form and function, then consider adding feature lighting to highlight decorative elements of a room. Choose fixtures that complement your style; modern industrial lighting is very fashionable but sleek contemporary lights can offer greater flexibility when you want to change your look.

Lastly, your new home is your home and whatever style you opt for, it has to suit your personal tastes.

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