Denims and the D


I have been so depressed lately. I felt like giving myself a break. Well, I am not planning to go somewhere and drink myself to death but I wanted to go shopping. I am not really into it but it seems like my depression and my need to buy a new pair of jeans have conspired to take a toll on me!

I only have three denim jeans as of now. I have plenty of slacks since we are not allowed to wear denim jeans at work before. But now, I felt awkward wearing them to the malls or running errands. So, I felt like I needed to buy at least two additional pairs. When I checked out the mall announcements, they will have a sale on the last week of this month. That would be too late. I might have no money for that.

Anyway, when I surfed to check on new denims, I was able to visit bootlegger’s online store and to my surprise, they have awesome designs for jeans – all of the latest trends in fashion. Aside from that, they also have fabulous tops with the coolest prints and some camis, fleece, sweaters, dresses and tees!

What caught my attention was that they are offering a 10% off on every item (except those on sale) if you avail of a bootlegger card. Hmmm…that sounds pretty neat right? I might be buying a few pairs and some tops!

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