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Desiring for an LCD Projector


A few years ago, I remember my local church using manila paper to write the lyrics of the songs so that the congregation can sing with the Praise and Worship Team. Then a few years later, our small congregation decided to make a goal to buy a projector to make it easier and clearer for the members located at the back to see the lyrics.
Anyway, I was not able to know when they were able to achieve it because I was reassigned to Manila and then to Bacolod. Now, I am a member also of the same congregation but with their local church here in Bacolod. Here I desired that our church could own an LCD projector but unfortunately when I visited the nearest shop, I was shocked to see the tag price. I have never though that an LCD projector costs around $1000 to $2000 and their parts is half of its price as I have seen in a projector lamp center.Though I can’t afford it just yet, I still desire for our church to have one someday. I may not be the only one to buy it but hopefully some would feel the same desire so that we can help get one for the church. So before that, I pray for enough blessings to come so that we can give unto the Lord. ^_^

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