Did you blogged about me?

It was really cute when my husband asked me that question. He really knew that he did something wrong. Last night, he went out to send some files to a workmate. He promised to be back right away. So, I waited and I waited and I waited until 5:00 am…then he arrived. He was with his friends again – drinking!! He knew he did wrong, so he asked if I blogged about my hurts for him (he asked it when I was doing my Centriads post). I said no…I have no time for that and I think I am already fed-up blogging about it. LOL!!!
Anyway, as I was doing my post at MOMEMO, I remembered his question and it made me smile. So, I thought I should blog about him. Not because of the hurts that I have for breaking his promise but because he was just so humble to admit that he did me wrong which is really not him. He is changing I guess. I pray to God it would be consistent. Might be slow but hopefully consistent!!

5 thoughts on “Did you blogged about me?

  1. Hello Mommy Ruby, I know exactly how you feel. Been in that situation…well, ages ago. They have to realize that when you have a family, there are certain things you shouldn’t be doing anymore. I was glad when it all stopped (his drinking spree with buds till the wee hours of the morning) and started focusing on our family. I hope things will work out for the best for you… with God’s help.

    By the way, I really like your blog! Will be visiting you again soon.

  2. Hey…

    Hopping here before I hop into my chores…haha.

    Like you said, change for the better is good no matter how small it is. I’m glad to see na you’re amused by that instead of getting angry…haha.

    Ingat lagi and sleep, ok?

    Mommy J

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