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I love watching movies. They are the only source of visual entertainment I have. Since, we have no cable services here at my parents place, I always spend few bucks watching movies on big screens which sometimes I felt financially draining.
Anyway, in my usual surfing online, I came across many Direct TV advertisements. At that time, I don’t have any idea what does it mean until I really stopped and read about it. Well, it’s similar with an ordinary cable subscription. You get to see movies, local channel feeds, sports and all but the difference is, directtv has more channels, around 95 and up, and the transmission of feeds translates to a high definition resolution (crystal clear viewing). Aside from that, directv expenses cost much lesser than ordinary cable subscription.The thought of having a directtv service at home is very appealing to me right now. I might get one if the price and the package is right and of course available here. It might save me more than watching one movie every now and then. Don’t you think?

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1 comment

Z'riz August 6, 2008 - 2:32 pm

hi mami! we had DTV before but now Time Warner na…heheh me bundle sila..free minutes to other countries! hehehe 🙂


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