Disability Benefits

Studies show that a 20-year old worker would have a 3 out of 10 chance of being disabled before he reaches the retirement age. Come to think of it, how many people actually think of disability when they are young and able? Younger people would often brush the thought off, thinking that it is something that could not just happen to them. The fact remains that it could happen— so it will be best to be prepared.

Disability application should be done as soon as you get disabled. It should not be delayed, as it would take time for it to be processed. Your disability report should contain your contact details so you could be contacted anytime your application is approved. The benefits would differ depending on cases. Some who would be able to work after a certain period of time could receive benefits while they are unable to work, some would receive it for a lifetime if an accident has made them disabled for life and making a living would be impossible.

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  • shengkayful

    korek mommy! kaya ako nga work and work para may SSS..PHIC para if times comes to worst kahit papano may mapagkukunan ng pera..medyo matagal nga lang..

  • redamethyst

    tama, we have to be prepared every time. kaya dapat kahit work at home, maghulog pa rin sa sss and philhealth gaya ng sinasabi ni sheng.

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