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Disbursement of Funds

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Every time my husband goes to an official business trip for their company, he is always required to do a cash advance for his travel fund. After the trip, he would then liquidate all his expenses and submit them to their accounting department including the receipts and other proofs.

While I was working, we only do cash advances for personal financial needs but when we travel, we use our Revolving Fund. The company gave me 5000 pesos as my fund. So I spend it when I go for an official business trip and when after the trip is done, I also submit all my receipts and proofs. Then once validated, the accounting department replenishes my fund again.

As you can see, each company has different way of doing things. Each has its own system of organizing the disbursement of funds for official use. I wonder how our government works with this kind of expenses. Hmmm…

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