Doe Deere

Doe Deere Is Making Big Life Changes Which Involves New Baby, Business


Doe Deere is known for a lot of things. When most people see her out in public, they’re struck by her beauty. Deere has always been someone who isn’t afraid to say who she is and live boldly with her makeup. That’s because she understands that she’s in control of her body and she can do whatever she wants that makes her feel good. Deere treats makeup as an art form which is why she can constantly be seen rocking bold hair and bright lips. Deere isn’t just known for her love of makeup, she’s known for the way she revitalized the beauty industry.

Doe Deere

Deere founded Lime Crime because she saw there was a real need for cosmetics that are bright, bold, and able to set a person out from the crowd. In 2008, Deere saw that there was a need for bright colors. This was during a time period when everyone was into a “natural look.” Deere wanted to make sure that there were options available for those who wanted it. Deere has always been a businesswoman at heart. From a young age, she started seeing things that there was a need for and learning how to profit off of them. She used to sell temporary tattoos when she was in school. She saw it was a small little way to make money and she ran with it.

That drive is what continues to make Deere successful in everything that she does. In a recent announcement, Deere let the world know that she will now be launching a new jewelry brand with her sister. After seeing the success that she had with Lime Crime, it’s safe to say she will share that same success with this new endeavor. Like her makeup company, Deere saw that there was a need for something and decided to create a product that caters to that need.

In this case, Deere and her sister realized that it was hard for them to find jewelry that fits a petite woman’s hands. Most are too big and clunky for their small hands. The new company will be called Poppy Angeloff. She’s doing things in a unique way. This jewelry boutique will be invited only in the beginning. This is a great way for them to test out their product, make sure it’s something that people enjoy, and stay in control. Once things are up and running, there’s the chance that they will open it up to everyone.

Those who love Doe Deere and her makeup line will most likely follow her over to her new endeavor in hopes to get their hands on some jewelry. If the new jewelry is anything like her makeup, it will be bright, bold, and ready to make a statement. Deere has already been able to reach fans thanks to social media. She’s someone who spends a good chunk of her time browsing pages such as Instagram in an effort to see what people are talking about, what trends they’re following, and what new items they’re hoping come out. Deere has been interacting with fans, hinting at the new jewelry company and everything that it will entail.

One thing Doe Deere does well is marketing. Her style and color schemes for her business are always bright colors that flow together really well and make people happy. Just take a look at the Instagram account that Doe Deere created solely to display the eclectic interior of her house.  Same goes for Poppy Angeloff. The logo will be a pansy because back in the olden times it meant “I love you.” Deere likes the symbolism behind it.

Deere isn’t just running two businesses, she’s also going to be busy being a new mom. Deere and her husband are expecting a baby girl in September. It will be a busy time in their lives but if anyone can do it, it’s her. Deere has always given people the advice that everyone has something special inside of them, something that makes them unique such as a talent. Deere firmly believes in following these talents, dreams, and passions. That’s exactly what she did and that’s what helped her be as successful as she is now.

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