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Hello readers! I am glad to be back here. After we experience the tropical storm Ondoy here in the Philippines just last September 26. It was hard and heart breaking seeing my countrymen in pain and their house washed with the flood and left mud. Until now, we haven’t move on but little by little we are rising and trying to get back to normal. Please, pray for our country. Thank you.

Moving on, I’ve been thinking to buy a new domain to replace this one but I am still finding a company who has a great service when it comes to domain registration. I want to find a reliable one. I already have my list and one of my top choice is Discount Domains. They are based on UK though. They’re prices are low and I have a friend who has used their service so I am thinking to register my domain there instead of finding more. They offer great services there, if you want, you can check it out if you are also looking for where to register a domain.

I owned a domain before but it has expired already. I didn’t like much the service of the company, they’re prices are pretty high that is why I refused to renew the domain even I love it much. I hope I will be more satisfied with the service of Discountdomains.uk. So there! I might move or build a new site soon.

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