Don’t Enter Where You’re Not Allowed


I wish I can say that to cats, pests and even to people who just come and go to our house. The other evening, I wanted to rest earlier than usual because I was feeling sick but there was this pesky cat who kept on meowing outside my bedroom window. He was probably trying to woo another cat or maybe he saw a mouse but can’t catch it. Suffice it to say it was annoying.

Then the following morning, I saw kids, strangers actually, who were there outside the house. They were outside but the place they were playing at legally is part of our house and I was so tempted to let them know of this. They were making too much noise and they were a tad annoying. But of course, I didn’t.

Now I’m thinking if maybe I should start putting up no trespassing signs all around for those cats and unruly kids. What do you think?

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