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Don’t Want to Go Now

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A few days ago, my baby turned one year old already. She has officially inducted as toddler. That means she has different needs and wants right now especially she is in the process of learning how to walk and explore other things.

As I sat down and contemplate about life, I can’t help but feel sad inside especially if the “what ifs question” in life comes to mind. Like, what if I die now, what will happen to my children? Who will take care of them? What if my husband marries again, how will the new mom treat my children? These thoughts haunt me and I am afraid bad things will happen to me and thus leaving my children behind to the unknown.

Anyway, this is the reason why I wanted to check out the insurance quote mentioned to me by a friend. I want to save something for my children even how little when I go to the next world. I want them to have something to start with even if I am no longer with them. But, it is much better, if God will take me when my children are already big and working. Don’t want to leave them behind now, they are still little kids. I want to see them grow and have family!

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