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Dr. Love’s Precription for Today

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Freedom was never a bad thing. It’s not something to be feared or detested. Sure it may sometimes look scary since you would have to do things on your own. But being free was never wrong. What’s wrong is when you know there’s a need for it, but you keep on denying it to yourself. It can never be right to lock yourself up with someone for the mere reason of fearing loneliness. It is a childish and an immature act to be in a relationship just because of need and not of love and commitment. This may be hard to take, but this is true, isn’t it?
YOUR PRESCRIPTION: “Ask yourself what you really need. If its pure companionship you’re seeking, do not make yourself believe that you love this person, when you’re only after his/her presence. The same goes with someone who knows the partnership is not going anywhere already. But since that partner has been there for the longest time, the relationship is being pushed through despite the fact that it’s not working anymore. Do not pretend to be insensitive when you’re already feeling all the signs. If you feel like you’ve lost it already, then be wise enough to let it go. Stop fooling yourself.”
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