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Dr. Love’s Prescription

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I saw this really cool application at Facebook and it’s called Dr. Love’s Prescription. So this is what was prescribed to me. Read below:

You do know that you are more prone to getting hurt when you’re weak don’t you? In knowing this, do not force other people to come into your life when you, yourself know to that you are not yet in the fittest state to do so. Just like how people’s bodies react in natural human illnesses, a body will always be more susceptible to other diseases when the immune system is weak. The same goes with the heart. Fresh heartbreaks make hearts so weak and vulnerable. This makes it easy for most people to give in to even the slightest sign of affection and interest. Hence, do not risk it! Do not let some one in to help you heal for it will not always work. Surely you don’t want to bear a more painful outcome don’t you? YOUR PRESCRIPTION: “Give yourself your own happiness. Do not rely on other people to do this for you. Try this in 2 months — seriously. Be your own strength. Watch yourself heal. Do not pretend to be okay and start a new relationship prematurely if you don’t wanna fool that person and yourself. Our bodies have a natural way of healing. And so do our hearts. You can never accept someone in without completely healing yourself.”

I am married so finding another relationship does not apply but giving myself my own happiness surely rings a bell!!

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