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Dreaming To Live In Paris

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If you would ask me, one of the perfect places to live and set roots will have to be France and if I can afford it I would probably get one of the best paris luxury apartments now! Imagine strolling in the streets of Milan and hopping from shop to shop. But more than the highly-celebrated European power brands, what I would probably enjoy doing the most in Paris is visiting one museum after another, hopping from Louvre to the next museum and seeing the Eiffel Tower each time I get the chance. I will probably climb its peak each time I go there, too. With the addition of the River Seine, the place is just too darn romantic and who know I might just fall in love all over again when I get there!

Apart from the breath taking view and landscapes, there are also other other beautiful sites to visit including the city cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, one of the 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites found there, as well as Disneyland Paris. Oh, I bet my little ones will enjoy going there, too!

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