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Dressed for Success: The Pros and Cons of Dressing Up Your Dog

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Do you dress your pets? There are many things to consider when dressing a pet – from the temperature to the temperament of the animal. As more people are clothing their cats and dogs, there is a variety of options available to pet owners.

Bringing Out The Personality of the Pet

Image via Flickr by Bad Apple Photography

Pets, like people, have personalities. It is important to dress your pet to fit their personality. You dress in clothes that show off your style; you should do the same for your furry friend. Is your dog a diva? Dress her in a dress, and even consider something like a crown hat. If you cat is subdued in his personality, consider something a little more basic.

When the Weather Call for It

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If it’s hot outside, you wouldn’t wear a hot sweater, so don’t put your pet through that. Make sure to plan your pet’s outfits to fit the weather. When it’s really cold outside, we could all use a little extra protection from the temperature. A thick, warm sweater can help you dog stay warm during their walk on cold mornings. On the other hand, you should accent staying cool in warmer temperatures. Light clothing and accessories will help you pet stay calm and cool.

Matching Them Up With Your Holiday Celebrations

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There are many clothes available for pets on the holidays. Let your four-legged friend help you celebrate the holidays. With a variety of themed clothes and accessories, you will be able to find something that fits your pet perfectly. It is important to keep in mind where the party will take place. If you are having a Halloween celebration that is outside, having a costume that will keep your pet warm is important. However, a 4th of July party should feature light clothing that enhances your pet, rather than weigh them down.

Just Remember Not to Overdo It

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Dressing your pet is fun, but you need to be careful to not overdo it. Too many clothing pieces or too many pet accessories don’t look good. With just a few items, your pet looks great and feels comfortable. Keep it simple when dressing your pet, and they will be as happy as you with how they look.

There are pros and cons to clothing your pet.
• Pro – Keep them warm (or cool) when outside
• Pro – Show off your pet’s personality
• Pro – Have fun with holiday celebrations
• Con – Safety concerns can be stressful
• Con – Others may see dressing your pet as silly

Dressing your pet is fun and can help your pet look unique. Whether you dress your pet every day or just once in a while, knowing what to do to keep your pet happy is important.

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