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Earn Dollars from a Widget!!

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Later this morning, I have found a new website where bloggers can earn up to 60% commission per sale. All you have to do is apply to become their affiliate, once approved you can immediately install their widget and start earning from all the sales that comes from your link. Sounds interesting right?Anyway, the question is what products are available through this widget? Of course, you will be selling fast moving products! We all know that the printing and imaging products have become a fast sellers online nowadays and so as office supplies. Through this widget the customer can make Battery Cross Reference, Toner Cartridge Cross Reference, Inkjet Cartridge Cross Reference and more. They can easily compare more than 12,000 printer and office products online.

By the way, this widget utilizes Amazon’s marketplace. You will be rest assured that there would be a fast, easy and reliable transaction online. You will be certain that the credit due to you will be actually given to you.

So, does a simple widget that earns 60% commission interests you? Or selling printer and office supplies do? Whichever is the case, I bet having an additional avenue of earning from our blogs would definitely be a great choice! You can sign up at Amazon Marketplace Office Supplies Finder Blogger Tool.

By the way, the widget developer is from AnswerCo.


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