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Everyone wants to get something for free. There are many great ways to score free stuff, from taking surveys to playing games and completing missions. Find the best ways to get free stuff and earn money online by doing the things you enjoy.

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Swagbucks is an online portal that lets you earn points for completing certain tasks online. Companies and advertisers depend on the opinions of Web users to drive their research. Swagbucks are online currency, allowing you to accumulate points that add up to free stuff. With Swagbucks, you can earn points on each purchase, earn bonuses for taking surveys and play games for money. Take polls or complete micro tasks and watch the points add up. Use your points for gift cards at your favorite stores like Target, Amazon and Toys R Us.

Website Testing

Webmasters invest countless dollars into making sure their sites are attracting the most customers. The most valuable feedback they receive, however, comes from actual users who rate their sites. You can sign up for user testing and give your opinions on the effectiveness of their websites. Grade them on usability, ease of use and content. There are hundreds of companies that will pay you a fee to test websites.

Video Game Testing and Online Game Playing

Video game testers want to know that their games appeal to their target audience. You can earn money by playing games for companies. While this may seem like a dream job, there is legwork involved. You will be required to write reports on your experience and work with programmers. There are also websites that will pay you to play games online and earn. These jobs are the most fun you will have while at work.

Mystery Shopping

If you have ever been to a store and experienced excellent customer service, you may have seen the work of a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers, also referred to as auditors or secret shoppers, visit locations and pose as customers. Their job is to report on the service and products they receive while in the store. These mystery shoppers are paid a small fee for their work, and are often reimbursed for their purchases. Many people make a career out of mystery shopping and earn thousands of dollars a month auditing various companies.

Completing Small Tasks

There are many sites that will pay you to complete tasks online. These tasks include anything from typing a list of addresses to sending mass emails. There are also sites that allow you to use your smart phone to complete missions in your city. The small fees for these tasks add up quickly, earning you big bucks over time.

There are many great ways to earn money and score free stuff online. Find your cash today.

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