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EDSA’s 22nd Year Anniversary

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I really don’t remember what happened at EDSA 22 years ago. Hey! How would I know that my country was about to explode? I was yet 6 years old back then. All I cared about was chocolates and toys. Hehehe….
Anyway, our country is celebrating the 22nd year anniversary of EDSA Revolution or the 1st People Power. No work for the government and some other private sectors, including my husband’s plant.

I didn’t watched T.V. I am not into political matters…they don’t listen to small people like us anyway. They just listen during elections and promise you good projects if they get elected.

I am just thankful that today is a holiday…I get to see my husband at home for 3 days (Saturday until today). Yep! See….because we are not doing something together…he just plays a game at my PC and I am stuck with his laptop. He promises to go swimming but it didn’t happened. He promised to go to the mall but it didn’t happened. How I wish I could make my own EDSA Revolution now against him! LOL!!

Back to the EDSA topic…it’s just nice to remember that once in the history of the Philippines, I saw people got united! – Once?– I consider the 2nd and the 3rd as a remake…nothing original – all politics!!

Below is a pic I saw while searching google about EDSA.

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