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Effects of the EC Economy Overhaul

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I think everybody knows that EntreCard has done a great overhaul at their economy. Though they have lowered the price of EC credits at their market at $6.00 per 1000EC, they also have prevented bloggers to put up their EC credits on sale. Aside from that they have limited the EC transfer to 1000EC per seven days which now includes transfer tax and up to 14 transfers only.Well this is good and bad to everybody but the effect is mostly bad to people who have good intentions such as using EC credits for contests giveaways and to purchase something digital online without the use of money.

For me, I really love sponsoring other blog contests with my hard earned EC credits but now, I am only limited to 1000EC per blog per week. So, I could not sponsor contests as many as I want. It only depends if I am already allowed to transfer. 🙁

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