Eldest Daughter Goes to Prom

As a mom to a prom going punk princess (she’s kind of boyish), I really didn’t know what to do. I have no idea how things will work out for us. I didn’t want to over impose things that I would want her to wear but I want her to choose what she wanted provided that the rent is within our means.

So, we went searching for the perfect dress but all the ball gowns she liked were too expensive for me. The amount was so impractical that I was about to give up. I wanted her to just choose a cocktail dress because it was more cheaper than a ball gown. Luckily, after days of finding the gown of her choosing, we finally found one that we both liked. She liked it and so did my taste and my pocket. So, it was a win-win situation for the both of us.

To spice up her dress, I bought her accessories last Friday. Thanks to the help of my friend, choosing what looks best for her with all the variety of accessories available was easy. We found good ones. Though they weren’t expensive, they looked very elegant.

Finally, her prom came last night. It was her first. I knew she was excited but she did not want to show it. But last night, I can feel that she was very happy. She was able to wear the ball gown she wanted and be with her classmate dancing. As you can see below, her smile shows it! AND, I am so proud!

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39 thoughts on “Eldest Daughter Goes to Prom

  1. Ball gowns are really expensive during prom season, and some are impractical to rent for an overnight use. I guess I need to prepare for this since my niece is growing-up, I’m helping my brother in raising her. Send my regards to your beautiful daughter Ms.Ruby!

    1. Yup, they are very expensive. I can pay all my utility bills with the price already! Waaaahhh!!

      Anyway, wish you all the best for your niece. I am sure you will do just fine when the time comes. Ganbatte!

  2. Proud tita commenting here! Hehe.. I just could remember my first prom, months ago? LOL. I bet all her classmates where in awe when she arrived at the venue. 🙂

  3. Radiating with happiness! So bagay. Very good choice of a ballgown. You certain it was affordable, it looks so pricey — which make both of you winners. 🙂 Glad M enjoyed her first prom.

    1. If your friend was near our place, you can help me get a discount! Hehehe… Thanks! I am pretty happy too that it all turned out well for the both of us.

  4. What an exciting moment! And she looks absolutely beautiful! Prom is big around here (although we call it “Grad”), and it’s a big deal. I’m looking forward to my kids having the experience, but I am NOT looking forward to the price tag, lol!

  5. What a beaming smile your daughter is sporting, and that dress is a dream! I love it, especially the sash and the skirt part. When I went to prom, I wanted something different. I had a vision, and luckily, she has sewing skills. We bought a plain black sleeveless sheath dress and added a sparkly accent to the bodice. Then she attached a sheer netting with faint sparkly accents with a rhinestone-like collar that looked like I was wearing a necklace but I wasn’t. It’s hard to explain but I loved the dress. Here’s an idea of what it looked like:

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