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I was browsing my Bloglines account when I saw Raine’s post on “Which Emoticon Are You?” So, I decided to try out to see which emoticon I am. LOL!! And this is my emoticon according to TICKLE!!

Which Emoticon Are You?

My Result: Brainiac

Hey, smarty pants. A curious and inquisitive character like you gets the message in more ways than one. While some people may use IM to pass along gossip or simply kill time, you probably like to use that brainpower for more thoughtful discussions on topics like politics, the latest news headlines, or even as a great way to laugh at yourself when you’ve missed the obvious.

For you, IM most likely serves a useful purpose. Whether you’re talking to a friend overseas, asking a co-worker about a project, or solving the problems of the world, you’re using that mental muscle of yours. But don’t think you can’t make fun of yourself, too. You like serious topics, but you’re not one to take yourself too seriously. So keep it up, brainiac! That’s a smart way to be!

What are you?


Do you think so yourself that I am a brainiac?? How about you? What is your result?

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