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I have been introduced to essential oils by a friend from a breastfeeding community here in our city. So far, I have been loving it, not because of the health benefits it claims, but the fact that I loved how my surroundings smell. It lifts my mood and my allergic rhinitis doesn’t act up. But before that, I ordered cheap ones online, but it made my allergic rhinitis got so worked up that I ended up wasting a lot of it.

And just recently, I lost my job online. I wasn’t able to buy new sets of essential oils. Then, I was informed that Casa de Lorenzo has essential oils, too! I was amazed to discover that they now offer their very own line of essential oils. Not to mention, it is locally produced essential oils. These natural and organic ingredients were sourced out from local farmers and communities which made these essential oils affordable!


Anyway, I was introduced to Casa de Lorenzo (CDL Naturals). I had the privilege of reviewing one of their flagship products – the Casa de Lorenzo’s Castile Soap. My instant favorite was the Casa de Lorenzo’s Coffee Dark Castile Soap. Well, obviously, because of the coffee smell, and of course, how it was good for my skin.

Now… let me introduce to you some of the Essential Oils Locally Produced from the Philippines by Casa de Lorenzo:


From the peels of the beloved Calamansi we use as refreshments or as part of cooking, CDL extracts Calamansi Essential Oil by distillation. The aroma of the essential oil is distinctively Calamansi. The scent of Calamansi has been suggested to help alleviate depression and anxiety. It is also among the few aromatics that not just mask the bad smell but completely neutralizes them, making the essential oil a great additive to cleaning products. It is also an excellent additive to skin toners or blended with other essential oils in a massage blend.


Just like Calamansi, the sweet citrus of the Philippines’ oil is extracted from its peels via distillation. Unmistakably citrusy and sweet, Dalandan Essential Oil is among the all-time favorites. Aside from feeling really good after smelling Dalandan Essential Oil, this can also be used as the oil from Calamansi.


A world-renowned oil because of its benefits, Elemi Essential Oil has been popular to the rest of the globe but to us Filipinos, it seems we are just slowly being familiar in spite of the world’s supply coming from our country. There are 2 types of Elemi Essential Oil, the first one and the most popular, comes from the resin of the Canarium luzonicum tree or the Manila Elemi. The 2nd one comes from the resin of the Canarium ovatum tree or the Pili tree, which have yet to gain popularity as an alternative. Dubbed as “poor man’s frankincense,” Elemi Essential Oil is basically the more abundant and readily available substitute for Frankincense. Well known for its skin rejuvenation benefits, Elemi Essential Oil is also an amazing anti-inflammatory, a great additive for massaging strained or tired muscles, it provides relief to respiratory troubles, and a great stress reliever.


Known to the world as Manila Copal, it’s globally traded as an ingredient in making varnishes. Traditionally, Almaciga is used as a fire starter, caulking for boats, smudge for mosquitoes, and incense for religious ceremonies. There are documented pieces of evidence that the resin is burned and smoke is inhaled for asthma and other minor respiratory troubles. The Almaciga Essential Oil is extracted by distilling the resin from Agathis philippinesis trees, which are native to the Philippines. Not much is known for the use of its essential oil because of its extreme uniqueness and it is virtually unknown up until its creation by CDL. The Almaciga Essential Oil’s aroma falls in-between Elemi and Frankincense making it another potential alternative to Frankincense.

I haven’t tried Elemi and Almaciga, but have used Calamansi and Dalandan. Both smelled good but my family’s favorite is Dalandan. Its citrusy and sweet smell can literately boost the mood for us.

CDL Naturals has a lot of locally produced essential oils aside from what I mentioned. They have Calingag, Lemon, Ylang-Ylang, and among others. Some of their essential oils are sourced outside the Philippines because some of these oils are not cultivated here in our country. They also have a wide variety of different organic and natural products that are good for our skin and body.

If you are interested to know more about their products, visit their website at today!

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  • reen

    I really appreciate this post. I too have recently started to use oils but not for healing properties but for the way the smells enhance my mood. Maybe the healing benefits I will get to discover later. I had been looking at CDL oils for awhile now and because of your blog I will now go order some!

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