Every New Mom’s Best Friend: The Sit-down Place

When you become a new mother, there is one thing you are going to start cherishing more than you ever did before – sitting. Between carrying your baby around, feeding them, rocking them to sleep, changing them, and getting up in the middle of the night to check on them, getting to sit down for just a moment is going to feel like heaven. This is why every new mom’s best friend is a good chair. It doesn’t matter what kind of chair it is, just being able to sit for a little while is a luxury. If you are about to become a new mother, here are some chairs you should stock up on before the time comes.

Rocking Chairs – A good rocking chair is just as enjoyable for you as it is for the baby. For some babies it can take a while to fall asleep, and the slow rocking motion from the chair can help. While your baby is falling asleep, you can slowly rock them, and even drift off for a few minutes yourself. Every nursery should have a rocking chair – one that is comfortable and sturdy, so that you don’t mind sitting in it every night.

Sofa Chairs – When it comes time to relax for a few brief moments, you want a comfortable chair to do it in. You can’t relax in your kitchen chair, or at a desk, so you will want some nice, soft sofa chairs. They can go in a living room, in a den, your office, or your bedroom, it doesn’t matter. As long as the chair is soft, where you can curl up on it for a few minutes. You can even bring the baby with you, and curl up together for a nap every once in a while.

Kitchen Chairs – When it comes to good kitchen chairs, its not so much about comfort as it is being able to clean them. Your baby is going to spit up, drool, and plenty of other things that are going to make a mess in your kitchen. You don’t want to worry about your chairs staining each time this happens, so get some kitchen chairs that can easily be wiped off and cleaned. Also keep in mind that just because you are getting chairs that are easy to clean, doesn’t mean you can’t get nice chairs for your kitchen. When it comes to your kitchen, you can enhance with modern chairs that will improve the room, while also easing your mind when it comes to your child.

High Chair – Chairs are not only important for you, but for the baby. As they get a little older, you will want a good high chair that they can sit in at the table. This will allow you to put your baby down for a few minutes, and feed them without holding them in your arms. Get a high chair that is the right size for your baby, and that feels very sturdy. Again, keep in mind that you will have to clean this regularly, so no tough-to-clean fabrics if you can avoid it.

You may not appreciate yet how great sitting is, but pretty soon you will. New mothers are on their feet all of the time, so it is important to get the most out of those few off minutes. To do this, you need the right chairs. You new baby may need a lot of things, but don’t forget that you do as well. Whenever you purchase a new chair, make sure that it is comfortable, easy to clean, and well made. If you keep these three factors in mind, you should be able to pick out some great seating options. Good luck, and enjoy your few minutes of rest!

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