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Experience the Taste of Thailand in 7 Days

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Experience Thailand

Our wish on any visit is that we experiment and have a taste of everything. Its human nature that they want to zip around the whole country and experience as much as they can. However, due to the time factor, and financial strains, this is not always the case. For these reasons, planning an itinerary is an important factor for the success of your tour.

If you`re planning to go for a one week stay at Thailand, it`s critical that you have a schedule that will guide you through during your stay, and ensure that you maximize on the visit. It`s important to realize that a one-week itinerary at Thailand is not adequate to cover all the prominent tourist destination. You have to be selective about the places you need to go and the activities you need to undertake.

Below is an itinerary for a seven-day visit to Bangkok.

DAY 1: A Visit to Bangkok Temples

Bangkok is famous for its numerous temples; the city is disseminated with more than 400 temples. Even if you don`t consider yourself a spiritualist, the Bangkok’s temples are an awesome way to experience artistic inspirations to urban exploration. Inside the temples, some of the most common features are native Siamese styles of edifices, and sculptures of the native traditions.

The most prominent feature in the temple is perhaps the Buddha sculpture. Some temples have gigantic Buddha’s such as that one in Wat Pho (46meter long, 15-meter high). Another temple of interest in Bangkok is the Wat Arun Temple which sports a massive reclining ng Buddha.

DAY 2: Culinary adventure on the Floating Market

Just a short drive from the bustling city of over 8M citizens, the cosmopolitan city dissolves into a lush green rural nirvana. The journey takes us to the provinces of Samut and Ratchaburi, famous for their local market.

Among the most notable markets is the Damnoen Saduak, the largest and most prominent. Here you get to enjoy different kinds of “signature Thai dishes” such as squid, Pad Thai, and Hoy Tod.

Day 3: A Visit to Chiang Mai

After spending two days in the bustling Bangkok, it`s time to head out to a relaxed, pristine and calm location. I`m talking about, Chiang Mai, a relatively calm mountainous city North of Thailand. You can cover the 400-mile journey, either by bus, train or air.

Also referred to as “the Rose of the North,” Chiang Mai is the temples galore. Some of the common temple attractions in the city are the 15th century Chedi Luang and 14th century Phra Sign, all adorned with carved serpents.

DAY 4: Second Day in Chiang Mai

On the second day, you can plan on exploring the mountainous hills of the city, and socialize with the friendly hill tribe natives.

DAY 5: Enjoy the Sunshine at Phuket

No holiday is complete without basking in the sandy white beaches of Phuket. There are numerous places of interest in Phuket, but the main reason is to visit the Phi Phi Island. The island has long stretches of pristine white sandy beaches, and clear blue waters ideal for swimming, diving, and surfing.

Other major attractions in the Phuket are the luxurious resorts such as villa Sanyanga, (www.villasanyanga.com) and other resorts.

DAY 6: Second day in Phuket

Phuket is such an amazing place. You require more than a day to explore some of the exotic and majestic destination that the province has to offer. South of Phuket, is the Big Buddha (45 meters tall), constructed from white marble. The Buddha is visible from any point in the Southern part of Phuket.

On the second half of the day, you can visit the old Phuket town. The Sino-Portuguese streets with fine-looking shop houses are hard to resist.

DAY 7: Back to the City

This is the final day of your visit in Thailand. One of the must do things is to go for a shopping spree in the street markets. The souvenirs will help you retain fresh memories and experiences you had in Thailand. Some of the prominent markets in Bangkok are the China Market, and Hatuchak Weekend Market.

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