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The first time I encountered Facebook was when a friend of mine invited me to join her GDI group there. Then after sometime, I have neglected my account up until another blogger friend of mine invited me to play Yoville. When I was already tired of the game, I eventually left Facebook.

A few months later, I heard my friends talk about Restaurant City. When I started to try the game, I found myself addicted to it which eventually led to exploring Facebook seriously. Then later I met Farm Town, Farmville, Island Paradise, Happy Aquarium, Fish World, Café World and more.

After that, I was more of a Facebook user than Friendster. Then few months more, I have neglected my Friendster account and was already enjoying the games and social networking I have now with Facebook.
Now, I am already an active Facebook user but no longer in other games. I have two that I love the most right now. It’s Petville and Home Inn. I especially like Home Inn because it’s unique compared to other level up games.

How about you? Do you dig Facebook games?

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