Factors in Bail


If someone has been charged with a crime, he or she will likely be arrested and transported to the local jail. Nobody should have to remain in jail longer than he or she must. In order to get released from jail quickly, it is a good idea to work with trained professionals, such as those with Lancaster County bail bonds. The amount of bail that someone has to post can vary widely from person to person. There are a few important factors that everyone should note when it comes to the size of the bond they have to post.

The Charges Filed Against the Defendant

One of the most important factors that will play a role in the amount of bail is the exact nature of the charges the defendant is facing. For example, those who are charged with a low-level misdemeanor might not have to pay anything at all. This is called a PR bond. The other end of the spectrum is something called remand. In this case, the defendant is held without bail. This is usually reserved for capital offenses. Most people are going to fall somewhere in between these two extremes. They will have to pay some form of bail to get released. The worse the charges, the more someone will have to pay.

The Prior Record of the Defendant

Another important factor that will play a role in the size of the bond that someone will have to post is the prior record of the defendant. If the defendant has a long criminal record with lots of prior crimes, then his or her bail will be much higher. On the other hand, if the defendant has a clean record, bail will probably be much lower. The prior record of the defendant will play a major role, as will the potential flight risk of the defendant.

Post Bail Quickly

It is important for everyone to post bail as quickly as possible. They should be allowed to prepare their defense in the comfort of their own home. In order to post bail quickly, it is important for people to work with a bail bonding company. This company has connections throughout the judicial system and can help someone get released quickly. Then, the defendant can work with a trained attorney and can prepare a strong defense. It is critical for everyone to defend their rights to the best of their ability.

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