Failed Movie Date


Last night, my husband and I were supposed to go on a movie date. He said that his boss saw Ninja (2009) and his boss said that it was good. Since I am a certified movie buff, I immediately checked Ninja (2009) movie trailer online to see if the movie would interest me. When I saw the trailer, I find it new to my taste and was interested to watch it. So my husband and I went to SM City Bacolod to watch the movie but when we arrived there, Ninja (2009) was not yet showing! So I thought his boss might have shared his opinion not on the movie but a trailer shown while he was watching another movie. Sigh!
Since we had a failed movie date, my husband and I went to National Bookstore and bought the needed school supplies my son asked as to buy. Afterwards, we went to Manokan Country and ate Talaba (Oyster), grilled chicken and pork. We just spent the night talking about anything that comes to mind.
Though it was a failed movie date, I was happy because I get to spend time with my husband. I don’t know if he was happy but for me, I really was!

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