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Failed My “No Regrets” Rule Just Today

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It was in 2013 that I decided that I am going to pick up myself and move forward. I want to live life with “NO REGRETS.” I want to do anything that I want to do and make sure that I won’t feel any regrets not doing it.

But just tonight, I regretted not taking a selfie with Ian Veneracion, an actor whom I admire since I was in grade school. I got so shy that I wasn’t able to take a selfie of him amidst all the people. Gosh! Hahaha…

By the way, this post is not a serious one. This is just that I felt so girly today that I failed to accomplished what I intended to do. I can attest that I still have a heart because it beat so fast when I saw him pass by. Hahahahaha…

Anyway, I didn’t get any selfie but I got a glimpse of his handsome face with the photos I took.

The luckiest person tonight was my best friend Jenjacqs. She got carried by Ian Veneracion! It was unexpected and my initial reaction was to take a photo of the moment. I felt bad that I didn’t get a selfie but I felt happy that my best friend got carried by Ian. Look how happy my best friend and Ian smiling!!!

So I should say that I need to renew my vow of “NO REGRETS” again. I should be more thick-skinned when it comes to facing my childhood crush! Hehehe…


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JenJacqs July 18, 2019 - 9:43 am

Yes pls, renew na ang No Regrets vow. Lami kaayo makigselfie sa iya last night pero grabe dumog man gud mao wala ta nakaporma. Huhuhu sayang pero I’m sure naa pa lain moabot na opportunities in the future. When that comes, dili na jud dapat mag-ulaw2x and approach him. He’s friendly man so his handler wouldn’t mind diba? Ughhhh. I just wish nakaselfie ka sa iya. But I’m sharing my happiness with you, Mommy. 😊😘💕


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