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Fairly Healthy Relationships

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It’s been awhile since I went to BlogThings.com. When I arrived in their homepage, this quiz caught my attention. Why? Because it talks about relationships! I answered it honestly as possible and here are my results.

Well, I do agree great relationships doesn’t happen overnight. I might as well, pray that in time it would improve.

You Have Fairly Healthy Relationships

You try your best in relationships, and you do a pretty good job.

You’re as considerate, honest, and giving as you can be.

There’s always more that you can do, and sometimes you do leave people feeling a bit neglected.

Great relationships don’t happen overnight. As long as you keep making improvements, your relationships will get better!

Do You Have Healthy Relationships?

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genny August 6, 2008 - 8:40 am

Yes this is all true but i know you are a nice person mommy Ruby…Keep it up.


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