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I was able to sleep early last night because I lay beside my boy. He wanted me to put him to bed. As tired as I am, I doze off with him (resulting to lost opportunities along the way…hehehe). Anyway, when I woke up this morning I felt something terrible. I felt a striking pain in the left part of my pelvic bone. and still feeling it now. After experiencing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and being sick almost every week now what??

I bet life hasn’t run out of surprises for me. Day by day, challenges kept pouring in. Sometimes, when moments like these happen, I keep an optimistic perspective like thinking that God must have something special for me that is why He is preparing my heart. And to be honest, He usually does. So, right now, I am eagerly waiting what the future holds despite the pain and the challenges.

Of course, I felt so sad about the bad things happening in my life. I am only human! I am capable of love, hate, compassion, envy, kindness and rage. But it seems faith just tries to make the best out of me! And that enough makes me thankful we have a good God looking after for us and making great surprises along the way.

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Pinay WAHM August 8, 2008 - 3:59 pm

Hi Mommy…

Patingin ka sa doktor if the pain is not going away kahit dull pains lang. Mahirap na.

Btw, ano ng nangyari dun sa nang scam sa iyo? I have not ready any follow up on it? Nagsulat ba sya tungkol sa yo? Were you able to clear it up dun sa nagsabing di ikaw ang may ari nitong blog mo?

Sagutin ang lahat ng katanungan! Abangan!


Mommy J


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