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Family Outings

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I think that family outings and fun activities where each family member is involved is one of the key ingredients to having a family and kids who will grow up to be well balanced adults. And I think it is such a good thing for children to have memories of their childhood because they too will reflect what kind of growing up they had. This is then passed on to the next generation and another generation of happy children is raised.

One of the things that I would like to do with my children is go camping. Wow, it would be
nice to have one of those RVs that are so common in America so that we can drive around and go to places here in Negros that we have never gone to before. But I could just imagine the motorhome insurance on such a big vehicle. I believe that you have to get a separate insurance for that apart from your car.

Oh well, our family bonding for now is going to the mall, watching movies, and eating out.

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