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The really wealthy amongst us have lifestyles that are far beyond what we can imagine. I sometimes think about those people who own private planes, yachts, speed boats, jet skis, ATVS, and the like. Imagine the maintenance on these stuff.

For example, a yacht is a very expensive piece of water vehicle. And if you have it, you have to have somewhere to park it so you have to have a membership to those yacht clubs. And hear this, in order to preserve its interior, the air conditioning system should be up 24 hours a day. That is because the salt water can destroy the interior of the precious yacht.

They also have water purifiers and some even have humidors on board. So what I am saying is, a yacht is really expensive that is why only the ultra mega rich people can afford them. I do want to try being in one but I am not if I really want to own one. It is just too complicated for me.

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