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Fascination on Computers

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When I started tinkering computers, I got so fascinated by it that I started to make money from my first personal computer by typing my classmate’s projects as early as high school. Later when college came, my parents didn’t have the difficulty in providing me money for my projects because I do much of self-generating ways to support my projects. I do the projects of my classmates just the same in exchange for money which I also fund my own.

When I graduated from college, I decided to have a little desktop publishing business from home that accepts typing job, resume writing, custom business cards, birthday and wedding invitations and more. But since my computer at that time was outdated, I was not able to compete and be successful. I only did the same typing job but not that much anymore.

My fascination on computers fueled my desire to become a stay at home mommy. I wanted to earn from home so that I could stay with my kids. But my dream of becoming a stay at home mommy didn’t come true after 10 years of marriage. Now, I can call myself as a successful stay at home mommy who earns money from home, not doing any desktop publishing jobs but online work.

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