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My mom was in the fast food business a few years ago. As far as I see it, it was profitable and very family convenient. She doesn’t have to leave the house or carry heavy things but she only cooks and serves her customers. The good thing about it was our food was always free. ^_^Anyway, I have seen many business opportunities around. Some requires low capital requirements and some needed a place to do the business. I have been looking and checking things out since I am planning to have an additional way of earning money aside from my online endeavors. I wish to use my earnings from my online income and invest it properly in tangible businesses.

So far, I have seen a Texas Franchise that I would love to work on. It would be nice if I could avail one here at our place because I still believe that the best and always profitable ones are those that involve FOOD! People always eat and it’s a basic necessity.

Franchising is always convenient. You don’t have to advertise that much because the business is already known and you don’t have to setup too much because the business is practically all-in-a-box type. All you need is pay for the franchise, undergo the training and work smart to grow your business.

I have seen many likable business franchises at www.franchisegator.com. All are very nice and they have many choices that involves with the fast food business that I am into. I hope I can get something similar here.

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dharlz November 6, 2008 - 12:58 am

franchising is good, wag ka lang kumuha ng franchise from everything online inc.

Nelle November 6, 2008 - 4:32 am

My family likes to have a food business too. Unfortunately, no one can manage it as of now. Maybe when my mom decides to stop working.. lol

Good luck with that hey. It’s a good thing that you’re planning to use what you earn online to start a new business there at your place..


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