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As a mommy blogger who seriously earn her decent income from home, I must admit that the need of a reliable internet connection is a must for me; not only a plain and simple internet connection but the fastest one!

When I arrived in Bacolod City last year from a long vacation from CDO, my internet connection wasn’t installed immediately. So as my alternative resort, I bought a mobile broadband internet stick. Unfortunately, my connection from our boarding house was so slow that it always frustrates me. It was a mess and a waste of money.

So when a friend of mine brought his Globe Tattoo, I was amazed with its speed. I tried downloading digital scrapping kits from my favorite sites; I was greatly amazed of its speed. I also tried my usual multi tab surfing in one browser and it was fast!

Can I conclude that Globe Tattoo is the fastest? Well, the answer is yes and no because I also experienced a time and place where the other telco internet stick was amazing while Globe Tattoo was slow. That simply means everybody can claim to be the fastest but in the end only the consumer can tell who the fastest is and still it also depends on many factors.

Anyway, my conclusion was proven right because Nesic Philippines wireless broadband speedtest results said that there are few places where the other telco dominated while Globe Tattoo in most.

So, if you’re planning to get a mobile broadband internet stick, I suggest you buy the one that suits your need both in speed and places where it has most coverage.

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Angelina Ramirez May 26, 2010 - 3:03 am

Broadband internet these days are getting much faster and cheaper too. .,,


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