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Features of Blackberry Storm

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Blackberry Storm is not named as such for nothing. Many immediately got interested when Blackberry Storm was introduced in the market. This smart phone has a lot of things to boast to other smart phones one can buy in the market.

This Blackberry unit as 2100MHz HSPA and quad band EDGE making it one of the topnotch quality phones that have been made available in the market. This Blackberry unit has a 3.25 inches 480 x 360 display. This above the features of Blackberry Bold which has only 480 x 320 display. It boasts of its 3.2 megapixel camera that has automatic focus and flash, which is dubbed as above any other camera phones one can find in the market. It has an internal memory of 1GB that can be expanded up to 8GB through a microSD. The voice quality is also exceptionally good. Interestingly, this phone as a noise cancellation feature to enhance the voice quality. And just like other Blackberry units, this one offers a superb Internet experience to users.

With no doubt, Blackberry Storm is one of the best mobile phones one can find in the market today. While the price is above of those most mobile phones available today, users can be assured to get the features they need and want.

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