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Feeling Fresh All Day Long

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feeling freshNow that I am back to school, I find myself on the go every weekend. I am out the whole day therefore I frequent the comfort room a lot since I am a coffee drinker (its diuretic it makes me go pee all the time). And we all know, for women, going to the comfort room many times in a day makes it rather uncomfortable and not so refreshing.

So, what do I usually do to keep myself fresh all day? Well, I don’t have a secret. I just do the usual stuff all women do using a particular brand of choice.

Here are some of the things that I usually do and also use to keep myself fresh and cool all day long:

1. Whenever I took a bath, I use my favorite feminine wash pH Care Feminine Wash Cool Wind.

ph care feminine wash

2. When I am home, I just use water to wash up after urinating but when I am on the go, I bring with me a pack of pH Care Feminine Wipes Cool Wind or baby wipes if I don’t have one available. As much as possible, I try to avoid using dry tissue since it endangers women from other irritation.

ph care feminine wipes

3. Aside from these things, I also try to avoid foods that are too salty or sour. This kind of foods changes the hormonal balance in women.

If you noticed, I like pH Care Feminine products with Cool Wind variety because I like the cool and minty feeling. Aside from the fact that it can definitely clean you up down there, the feeling of minty coolness assures me! It is also pH-balanced and safe on sensitive skin!

How about you? How do you keep yourself clean and fresh while on the go? Do you have preferred brands like me? Share your thoughts!

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