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Feeling Wow! Looking Wow!


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I remember one of the famous Filipina actress who was once a chubby gal and now, she is as sexy as she can ever be. She has a good career and a very handsome rich boyfriend.Well, being sexy and beautiful is not for celebrities and is not bad at all. Besides, I for instance wanted to be pretty and sexy all the time. Of course, as a married woman, it’s for my hubby’s eyes only – others may look but no touch! (LOL!) Sometimes, when women get married, they tend not to take care about their bodies anymore. Which in fact not healthy, not only for marital reasons but also for health reasons. I, in my own opinion, it’s a must to be sexy, beautiful and healthy!

If you have gained weight, no need to worry. Science and technology have found many ways to trim down safely and reasonably-priced. One of these and pretty much popular is the used of diet pills. They have been proven helpful and safe. But still, when using these products, you must take caution and find the best diet pills. Research online and try to access data on best diet pills, so that can also compare prices and contents.

My sister does take diet pills. Now, she is really feeling wow and looking wow! Of course, she does exercise too.


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Pinay WAHM February 27, 2008 - 7:49 pm

Hi Mommy Ruby,

I feel for you. I totally lose it when my little one is complaining of something painful or achy. You did a good job with your baby and I’m sure you will get even better as you get the hang of it. But then again, there’s really no getting used to it when our baby’s are the ones in pain or suffering.

My hubby puts it best when my daughter asked him why I worry more than him. He told her that “That’s what Mommies do!” Hey, I couldn’t agree more even if it can be perceived as a sign of weakness…so what, di ba?

Take care and hang in there…


kc concepcion May 14, 2009 - 5:20 pm

Hmmmm that’s cool.


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