Few Questions and Answers Regarding PayU2Blog

Last month, I posted my January and February 2010 earnings from PayU2Blog and most of my friends congratulated me and expressed their affection towards the company. While some asked how to register or qualify and some asked how many blogs I have with them.

Now, for your questions, here are my unofficial answers. I call them unofficial because this is only my answer and they are not the official guidelines of PU2B. They can also be called tips or pieces of advice.

Question: How do you register your blog with PU2B?
Answer: Just go to this LINK and fill-up their form.

Question: How can I know if my blog is ready to be registered at PU2B?
Answer: Only PU2B has the right to say your blog is ready but there are few guidelines you can check if your blog is worth their time. Your blog must have its own domain. Your blog must be self-hosted using WordPress blogging platform. Your blog must at least be 90 days old with at least two to three posts per week. Your blog must have no links and paid posts from competitors. Your blog must be a personal blog that caters to general topics.

Question: How long do they approve blogs?
Answer: Indefinite. There is no fixed time for you to know when you will expect an answer from them. But just to be sure, you will never hear from them if your blog does not qualify. As for my first blog, it took me 3 months before I was able to get in. The time of waiting is worth it all!

Question: How do I add a blog to my existing account?
Answer: Just send them a message from your account dashboard.

Question: How many blogs can I add to my account?
Answer: If you are a new blogger, you can add one blog per month to them. If you want to add two blogs per month, you must be an established blogger. That means you have done several posts from them already. You can add up to 10 blogs on your account. As for me, I started to add a blog when I was already working with them for almost a year.

Question: How many blogs do you have with them?
Answer: I have 10 blogs.

If you still have questions, just leave a comment and I will try them to answer on my next posts. By the way, just to remind you, these are not official guidelines. My answers are based on my experiences I have with them from the answers I got from my own personal queries. If you have questions, you can always send them an email.

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