Finally Found a Pure ‘N Fresh Fragrance!


As far as I can recall, I never used perfumes or colognes. I hated using them or smelling someone who uses strong fragrances because it makes me sick. I have no tolerance for strong smell because I have allergic rhinitis. If I use makeup and creams, I always go for fragrance free or something with a little hint of a mild fragrance.

Then came along my kids, as a mom, I wanted them to use colognes after bath. Good thing there were a few baby colognes that I can tolerate. Then came me… yeah, me. I wanted to try using colognes again. I wanted to smell good especially during events or special occasions but still I ended up getting sick. Most cologne I tried using (mostly gifts cause I rarely buy) have a strong smell. It made my nose itch! I find myself changing my clothes just to get rid of the smell.

But when my good friends from Unilab asked me to try their new brand of cologne named Pure ‘N Fresh, at first, I kinda hesitated since their colognes might have strong smell. But still, I agreed, my daughters might like the cologne. 😉

So after a few weeks of waiting, I got the colognes and immediately opened it! And guess what! The smell isn’t as strong or irritation as I was expecting. In fact, it was mild and refreshing! I found something I can use!

Pure ‘N Fresh Cologne

Anyway, after smelling all three variants, I got an instant favorite – Blush Berry!! Tangerine Delight comes second and Tropical Splash comes third. OK, I admit, I liked them all! It’s just that my eldest daughter wanted the Tangerine Delight and my youngest Tropical Splash.

For those who like wearing colognes and even those who don’t due to allergies, why not give Pure ‘N Fresh a try this time? This mild and refreshing cologne comes in 55ml bottle and in three fruity wonderful variants! By the way, this is a teen cologne but still, it worked good for me!!

Remember, Pure ‘N Fresh is another quality product from the trusted healthcare specialist in the Philippines, Unilab! So, it is dermatologist-tested to be safe for you!

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