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Day by day I have been struggling with the financial difficulties our family is having. Sometimes I have been considered getting an eight to twelve hour job again just to compensate it but since my desire to stay home with my family is more than that, I search other ways to earn online. Since I have not found the perfect online job for me, I am thinking of seriously cutting down our family’s expenses and even my personal budget (used for online investing) again. I think money management might be the key to help me out while our income is quite tight as of now.Then I came across this website that offers a FREE Budgeting Course about gaining control of your money in 10 days. It was very appealing and so as the budget software they are using to organize one’s finances.

YNAB (You Need a Budget) Personal Budgeting Software encourages following four rules. These rules are 1) stop living paycheck to paycheck, 2) give every dollar a job, 3) prepare for rain and 4) roll with the punches. These rules and the use of the budgeting software have helped hundreds of individuals and families to get hold of their finances and live a more comfortable life. Many have given out their testimonies in praise for this budgeting software.

Anyway, I am enrolling myself to their FREE Budgeting Course. I believe this can help me ease my financial troubles and later consider buying this budget software. If your interested, you can check out their site at www.youneedabudget.com.

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