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Finding My High School Friend in Facebook

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I just happen to find one my former high school classmate but still continues to be my friend until now. Guess, where I found her? Where else? Of course, I found her on Facebook! You can just imagine that after a couple years since we graduated from high school and never saw each other after that, here we are right now, seeing each other’s face online. Isn’t it amazing?

We excitedly chatted online and updated each other with our present lives and how’s everything going on with each of us. The chat never seemed to stop as we really did missed each other. We talked about everything, even the time when we attended the Junior Senior (JS) Prom. We laughed at the memory remembering how our prom dresses looked like back then. After sometime, I hesitated bade goodbye to her for the meantime because I have to feed Baby Bella, but then promised to keep in touch with one another as often as possible.

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