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First Name Quick Facts

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Just for FUN, I decided to post random facts not about me but about anything using the letters of my first name. This is not a tag, I just made this up to challenge my brain.

Here are the facts that I have gathered so far…

Radium –is the radioactive element discovered by the husband-and-wife scientist team of Pierre and Marie Curie in 1898. This is commonly used to treat certain cancers.

Uranus – is the third largest planet in our solar system and was discovered by English brother and sister astronomers William and Caroline Herschel in 1781.

Bees – are the most the industrious insects known. They are hairy, four-winged and broad-bodied insects that have biting and sucking mouth parts. They work all their lives except the queen just to gather pollen and nectar to create and store honey.

Yak – is a massive, shaggy ox used to carry and pull heavy loads on the high plateaus of Tibet. This animal is related to the bison and has a long hair that hangs down, touching the ground. Milk that came from these animals is rich and yields excellent butter and curd. The flesh is highly prized once eaten roasted or dried.

So, how about you? Are you up into making quick facts with your first name? if you do, leave me a comment and I will surely visit you!

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