First Week(End) at CDO

When I arrived last June 4, during dinner we went to my hubby’s parents. My children’s cousins were there and their other aunt and uncle. Unfortunately, I was not able to bring my digicam so I wasn’t able to capture their enjoyable moments together with their cousins.
Yesterday, I also invited their cousin’s from my side. We had grilled pork and kinilaw for dinner. I was amazed how grown-up my nephews are. They are already in their teenage years and it was also the first time I saw their younger sister. My kids were disappointed; they thought they could still play with their cousins. They didn’t know that big boys don’t play anymore. HEHEHE…

Anyway, my first weekend went nice though I wasn’t able to find a church yet. I woke up late so I wasn’t able to attend Bogie’s invitation for church. Maybe next week, I will plan it more by God’s grace so that I will be able to go back to church and regain spiritual nourishments not only me but also my children.

Well, I am hopeful and excited. I will post soon about my plans here in Cagayan de Oro City with my children. Hopefully, God will grant us the desires we have in our hearts!!

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