Five Delicious Sweets You Can Bake with Your Little Ones

Five Delicious Sweets You Can Bake with Your Little Ones

Nothing is more fun for moms of little ones than spending time in the kitchen baking yummies to share with friends and families. Kids are just so proud when they see their finished goodies laid out on a plate and ready to dig into. If you are looking for delicious sweets to ‘bake’ with your little ones, here are five that you will have loads of fun with. Get out the measuring cups, baking pans and beaters. Just remember to have cleaning rags on hand as you’ll probably need them!

1) No-Bake Rice Crispy Treats
Okay, so we’re cheating here! If you aren’t in the mood to fire up the oven or it is simply too hot, why not make rice crispy treats? They’re easy to make and when they’ve been spread out in the pan, your little ones probably won’t even care that they never made it to the oven. You’ve probably made them at least a dozen times by yourself, but if you don’t have the recipe handy, you can find the original Kellogg’s Rice Crispy treat recipe on their website.

2) Holiday Cookies with Butter Cream Frosting
You’ll probably need to do the baking here since it is a bit dangerous (and out of the question!) to let little people work with a hot oven. However, after the cookie dough is mixed up, kids will get to do the fun jobs, which involve cutting out shapes and frosting them with colorful butter cream frosting. Most cookbooks have easy sugar cookie recipes or you can find more than you’ll ever have time to bake on One thing you may want to do is have the web address ready for online cookie delivery by By the time you’ve finished baking a couple dozen holiday cookies with little ones you may be too tired to bake that other 12 dozen you’ll need for the holidays!

3) Birthday Cakes
One of the true pleasures for kids is being able to take part in baking birthday cakes for their brothers and sisters, dad, grandma and grandpa or even for daddy. You’ll want to actually bake the cake, but they can handle a hand whip if they are old enough, in lieu of an electric beater. Let them frost and decorate the cake and they’ll be singing the loudest when it’s time to sing “Happy Birthday.” This can even be a great lesson in arithmetic if you let them count the candles!

4) Pineapple Upside-down Cake
Here’s another type of cake that little ones can ‘bake.’ If you let them spread the crushed or chunked pineapple on the bottom of the rectangular baking pan, they’ll swear they did the baking! Actually, many moms have varied this recipe by using other fruits that little ones like better than pineapple. Some kids are just finicky and would prefer apples or peaches instead. Any yellow box cake mix will do and when the cake is cooled and tipped over onto a serving plate, don’t expect the fruit that is now on top to stay there very long! Kids just love to pick the fruit from the cake.

5) At Long Last – Chocolate Frosted Brownies
Remember, we’re talking about little people here so you need to be creative in sweets that you bake. The secret is for mom to do the actual baking while kids do the embellishing with frostings. Brownies are an all-time favorite and kids look really good in chocolate. This is one of those times you’ll need cleaning rags handy as they will probably wear more chocolate icing than the brownies have. But – that’s okay! It’s the mommy time that matters.

Not only will your little ones be proud of their handiwork but they’ll bask in that time spent alone with mom in the kitchen. It is fun and the rewards are oh, so delicious.

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