Five Movies They Should Make Theme Parks From


If you’re a parent with young children, chances are you’re at least aware of the theme parks that are out there in the world. Places like Disney and Universal Studios parks are magical for kids, and also represent the perfect vacation. But seem to be moving into an era of more specialized theme parks, not built for entire studios but instead specific films.

For instance, there have been reports of new theme parks specifically revolving around Star Wars and Avatar. The former is slated for a 2019 opening, and the latter opened in May!This is all on top of the Harry Potter theme park that opened inside with Universal Studios and has been a smashing success.

It has to make you wonder what’s next? I definitely wonder and it’s kind of fun to think of new ideas could be a hit with kids all over the world. Here are a few hopes and predictions, just for fun.

Transformers (series)

I know that Michael Bay’s robot action epics have gotten old and they may be slowing down. This summer’s sequel, “The Last Knight,” had the lowest box office opening in the series, and some are not-so-jokingly calling for a reboot. Whatever happens, though, kids absolutely love this stuff. A full theme park with action-packed rides and animated statues resembling the Autobots and transformers would be wildly entertaining for a whole lot of young fans.

The Dark Knight (trilogy)

There has been some buzz about a Marvel theme park, and it’s probably inevitable given that Disney owns Marvel. But how cool would it be if Gotham City came to life in a bigger, darker, but still fun-filled park? This one would be geared toward slightly older kids and young adults, but it could also be a lot of fun. If it were all based on Christopher Nolan’s version of the story, rides could include chasing the Joker through the streets, soaring between skyscrapers, and potentially even fending off menacing villains.

Jurassic World (series)

The Jurassic World reboot has been wildly successful. It earned its own sequel, turned Chris Pratt into one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and made more than $1.6 billion worldwide. It even took over as the sequel to a Jurassic Park game included at online platforms that feature the arcade slot gaming format. If it can do all these things and it’s based on a fictional theme park, why can’t there be an actual park? There are Jurassic Park rides at theme parks around the world, but a full experience simulating Jurassic World would be incredible.

Angry Birds

Now that there’s been an Angry Birds film that took the idea from mobile games to the big screen, there might as well be a park. The movie actually did a nice job (where kids are concerned) of turning a simple game into its own world filled with fun characters. It could all be brought to life with all kinds of fun in a theme park. There actually is an Angry Birds Land at a Finnish adventure park already, but it looks like more of a glorified playground than a theme park.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Okay, this one’s more for me than the kids. It honestly might be terrifying for anyone younger than a teenager. But Mad Max: Fury Road might have created the most unique and thrilling world we’ve seen on a big screen in decades, and it would be incredibly fun to see it blown up to a park-sized attraction. Of course there would be thrilling rides, and the hired characters walking around would be a blast. But again, this one’s not really for kids and would probably have a limited appeal, making it the least likely to actually happen.

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