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Five Perfect Fabrics for Table Covers

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Table Covers are essential add-ons when decorating interior spaces. They help cover up mundane table tops with exciting new fabrics that help you accentuate the look and feel of the room. Using table covers, you can cover any table made from any material.

This allows you to conceal tables that do not match the styling of the rest of the room. You can also use Table covers to cover up stains, blemishes or any damage that might have been incurred by the table. Here are five fabrics that are perfect for use as Table Covers:

1. Linen

Although linen is an unusual choice, it is coming back in style. Many new constructions use linen to give their houses a rustic and organic feel that is unique to the fabric. This fabric is easy to wash and handle, and it can sustain most types of wear and tear thrown its way. Linen is relatively cheap as well, and this helps make it one of the perfect candidates for use as a table cloth. However, be ready to iron the cloth every time you have to use it.

2.  Sequin

Sequin table covers are shiny and festive that helps establish the mood for a party. The fabric is made from materials that reflect light at different angles, which makes it perfect for restaurants, clubs, pubs and bars. Sequin fabric table covers can also be found at wedding receptions almost everywhere. The fabric is relatively thick and requires special care when it gets dirty.

3. Satin

Satin is a piece of fabric developed from silk by weaving it differently. Satin produces a shiny and glossy look that helps establish the mood for parties and most occasions. You will find Satin Table covers at most weddings and formal dinners all around the UK. Satin is usually a delicate fabric that is prone to rips and tears under high tension or stress. The fabric requires extreme care during the washing/cleaning process as well.

4. Silk

Pure Silk Table Covers are excellent choices for elegant and minimalistic interiors that rely on the monochromatic colour palette to enhance the feel and mood of the living space. These table covers are soft to touch and create a very posh look when placed on a table. Silk is little hard to maintain and is prone to stains very easily. The upside is that the fabric is relatively easy to clean using the dedicated products that are currently available on the market.

5. Glitter Fabric

As the name suggests, this fabric contains high amounts of glitter to complement equally ecstatic living spaces. Glitter Fabric offers spunk and pizzazz to any living space as the fabric is shiny and glittery which allows it to reflect light at many different angles. Glitter Fabrics are usually heavy and very strong which helps them be a lot more durable. These table covers are suitable for use at events like weddings, receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, prom nights, etc.

The type of Fabric you select for your table cover dictates the look and feel of your living space. The fabrics mentioned above will help you make an educated choice about the type of table cover you want depending on your needs and the décor of the room.

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