Five Practical Ways to Get Direct Advertisers for Your Blog


If you are monetizing your blogs, getting a Direct Advertiser (DA) is one of the surefire ways of earning money from your blog. But the question is? How do you get Direct Advertisers for your blog? How do you contact them? Where can we find them?

Five Practical Ways to Get Direct Advertisers for Your Blog

To answer these questions, let me share my experiences on how I was able to get Direct Advertisers for my blogs in five practical ways that you might not have thought about.

1. Contact Form

Direct Advertisers are not called in such a way if they don’t contact you directly. Having a visible contact form on your blog can really help big time. Most of these advertisers look for blogs online and when they find a blog they like, they will try to get hold of the owner through the blog’s contact form. So if your blog doesn’t have one, I suggest you install one now. I got a lot of money making opportunities via my contact form. It works perfectly well for me!

2. Public Domain

There are a lot of benefits if you register your blog privately but if you are not really involved in any heavy financial transactions online or controversial issues, getting your blog’s domain listed as “public” has benefits too. Why? Because some Direct Advertisers do send a blog posting proposals on the email listed on the WHOIS record for the domain/blog they like. Why do I know this? Well, I have several blogs that are publicly registered using an email address that I don’t use for online communications or registering in any “paid to post” companies. It is rarely used and they can only be public seen on my domain’s WHOIS records. I get blog posting proposals there!

3. Visible Signage

Not all blogs online are open to paid posting opportunities. So instead wasting their time contacting the owners of the blogs whom they are not really sure if they are open to the opportunities they are offering, Direct Advertisers often contact blogs that has a visible signage (banner/text ads) that says “Open for Sponsored Posts,” “PR Friendly,” or even the Disclosure Badge (obviously if you have this badge, this means you are open for sponsored posts).

4. Blog Networks

To save time looking for blogs to advertise, Direct Advertisers often ask bloggers whom they have a successful transaction with if they also have other blogger friends who might benefit from the opportunity they are offering. Most of these bloggers will share the Direct Advertiser’s email to their blog networks. To be able to position your blog’s visibility to future DAs, being an active member in one or more blog networks is not a bad idea at all. You might be online when your blogger friend shares a DA’s email.

5. DA Retention

The common mistake of a blogger who had a previous successful transaction with a DA is that they treat it as a one-time deal. They think that the same DA will not contact them again for future projects. This may apply to some but not in general. To get possible future repeat orders from your Direct Advertisers, make an every effort to make good of your current transaction. Aside from making a good content for your sponsored post, go an extra mile such as submitting your posts in a timely manner (around 2 or 3 days max turnaround time if you are the one who is creating the post, less than 24 hours if content is provided), share your posts to your blog/social media networks, ask your friends to comment on what they think about your post, bookmark your posts, etc. Your DA will surely love the effort you have done for them.

These Five Practical Ways to Get Direct Advertisers for Your Blog might not be appealing to some bloggers but for me, it worked so well. This is based on my personal experience. I might not be getting Direct Advertisers on a daily basis but I thank the Lord that I get one or two in a month and some are repeat orders.

Aside from the five practical ways mentioned above, it always pays to check your SPAM folders in your email inbox or your SPAM tab on your blog’s commenting system. Most of the time, Direct Advertisers are sometimes mistaken as spammers because of their efforts in contacting blogs they like to place advertising with. I remember earning around $500 in one project because of one spam comment that I gave a benefit of a doubt.

So there you go! I hope you have learned a thing or two from my blog post. Please don’t forget to comment and share this to your Social Media networks if this helped you. Thank you for reading!

Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.


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